How to shade Realistic Eyes with Graphite Pencils

In this Class I will show you how I shade these eyes with graphite pencils to create a realistic look.

This Class is part 2 so make sure you watch Part 1 here first:

So after you watched part 1 and you are happy with your sketch it’s time to start shading. For me this is the fun part because this will bring your drawing to life. I will show you step by step how I do this and which materials I use.

Material list:
Bristol smooth paper
Caran d’ache graphite pencils
CretaColor black pencil
Eraser Pencil perfection 7056
Kneaded eraser

For this drawing I’m using the caran d’ache grafwood pencils. and I will only use the 3b.5b and 9b.
Of course you could also use other graphite pencils.

Good Luck!!!

♡ Emmy Kalia

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