How to shade Realistic Eyes with Graphite Pencils

In this Class I will show you how I shade these eyes with graphite pencils to create a realistic look.

This Class is part 2 so make sure you watch Part 1 here first:

So after you watched part 1 and you are happy with your sketch it’s time to start shading. For me this is the fun part because this will bring your drawing to life. I will show you step by step how I do this and which materials I use.

Material list:
Bristol smooth paper
Caran d’ache graphite pencils
CretaColor black pencil
Eraser Pencil perfection 7056
Kneaded eraser

For this drawing I’m using the caran d’ache grafwood pencils. and I will only use the 3b.5b and 9b.
Of course you could also use other graphite pencils.

Good Luck!!!

♡ Emmy Kalia

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How to make a Value Scale & an Accurate Outline

When you are drawing from a reference photo it’s very useful to use a value scale so you can check if you have the right values in your drawing. If your shadows are not dark enough or your highlights not light enough your drawing may look flat and not realistic.

In this Class I will show you how I make a value scale so you can find the right values in your reference and in your drawing. Next I will show you how to use the value scale on your reference photo.

After that I will show you how you can draw an accurate outline from your reference photo using a piece of paper as a guide. It’s very important that your sketch is accurate before you start shading.

This class will be part 1 and in part 2 I will show you how I will shade these eyes to create a realistic look.

So let’s get started! Oh and don’t forget to share your work in progress and final drawings in the project gallery for feedback 🙂

♡ Emmy Kalia

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