I’m Emmy, an artist and designer living in the Netherlands.

When I started drawing in 2014, I started with pencils and as a real perfectionist I liked to have control and worked on every small detail until I was satisfied. Drawing portraits and capturing the emotion of a person is what I loved the most.

Now 5 years later I felt like it was time for me to let go of the control and just go for it. That is when I started to get passionate about watercolors. Working with watercolors can be really meditative but also very difficult. It’s always a surprise how your painting will turn out once it’s dry. After being a pencil artist for all these years I really had to learn to let go. It’s a real challenge when you are used to control but it’s fun to let loose. That’s when I started drawing and painting florals and botanicals and working on my designs for other creatives to use.

By sharing my creative process and videos I want to share my knowledge and inspire others.